Sunday, 24 December 2006

Ho Ho Ho. Christmas!

Art Studio, Sunday 24th december 2006

This is Freya, „my“ Christmas Baby this year. Not quite a normal baby as it didn´t need 9 months to create it, and not quite „mine“, really, as I never met the father... nor the baby actually! But in fact each child that I paint becomes my child somehow. I normally spend so much time with them, trying to understand their own, special innocence (and devilry!) behind the face. I even speak to them sometimes, above all when they begin pulling a naughty face - which they often do during the creation process! -
, telling them to go and play outside!
Christmas is normally a busy time for me as many people choose to give a child´s portrait as a gift. But well, to work hard once a year is not such a problem, is it?
I wish a Merry Christmas to all of the children I painted for this Christmas, to their parents, grandparents or friends who had the fantastic idea to order their portraits from me!
And of course I wish a Merry Christmas to each visitor of Goodaboom!

PS: No Street Gallery today, „el tiempo lo impide!“: it is blowing a gale on the beach and snowing on the mountains behind!

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