Friday, 29 December 2006

Mikis Laces & Gummi Bears

Art Studio, Friday 29 December 2006

I´ll tell you secret things about Miki today. To be exact: about Miki´s Laces. And about her Gummi Bears. The upcoming artist Kev Moore painted today the lifelike portrait to the left to illustrate this story.

Miki wears always boots, black warm german boots. In Winter as well as in Summer. A relic of her long past life in Germany, perhaps. Or maybe she somehow has the feeling, that the inner warmth might come from the feet, and not so much from the evershining spanish sun. By the way: she might be right, at least concerning the spanish sun. When you spend years under the sun, it takes on a coldness like eternity...
Anyway... as Kev illustrated it perfectly: Miki´s laces are always untied. The reason is not, as you would think, that she cannot make knots, or that the laces are too old to hold the knots. In fact she can make knots quite well as she was once first matelot on a sailing boat, whose captain has two left hands. And furthermore the laces are not real laces: as an ancient mariner, she only uses thin marine rope, and they never fail.
No, the reason is much more terrible. In the morning when she gets up, she is so impatient to begin the day with all these wonderful activities she planned from the first second she awoke, that she doesn´t even take the time to tie the laces. She cannot convince herself how wise it would be to invest one minute of her precious time doing it. Now you can perhaps imagine how dangerous her daily life might be, when you know that she spends half of her time running up and down stairs, a normally fatal occupation with untied laces....
But to be honest, she is quite good at running upstairs without tripping on her laces. Accidents dont happen often. But of course for the price paid is a lack of elegance, first because of the laces themselves, and then because of the special movements she invented to avoid the worst.

Well, Kevin says it looks quite sexy... what a wonderful example of the english sense of humour!!!

PS: and when you ask what this has to do with Gummi Bears... well, not much at all... just...Miki loves Gummi Bears and for Christmas she got her two boots full with them! Santa even took the laces away hoping she would renounce the wearing of the dangerous boots, but no way: she got some new laces... MUCH LONGER... AND MADE OF LIQUORICE!

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