Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Slave to the Rhythm - 1. La Folie des Grandeurs

Art Studio, Wednesday 3rd January 2007

First of all:
„Happy New Year to everybody reading these lines! And let me pass on to you the words of my friend Graham –currently springing from wall to wall in Australia...-:

I spent the whole month of December painting on commission and working on the creation of I loved doing all these things, but it was hard work and I really missed my artistic freedom. I missed sitting in front of a blank sheet of white paper with a brush in hand and lots of beautiful colours on the palette, without any idea of what would come out, just following some unconscious inspiration. So I promised myself to start painting for ME right from day one of the new year, whatever happens
I had painted in 2006 new works in gouache, kind of abstract, and many people who saw them loved them. I was asked several times if I had paintings in that style in acrylics or oil, and above all on big canvas. The last time was on Sunday in the Street Gallery, an english man with a minimalist flat and a fear of frames. He was after bold colours and big frameless canvasses to avoid the possibility of clashes when redecorating. And no, as yet, I haven´t such big paintings..

As a result of these people insisting, my agent Kev Moore (looks more like a secret agent, doesn´t he? ) made pressure on me. I refused.
he asked, obviously determined not to let go of the bone.
„Well... I don´t feel like that... it is so dirty!“
I must tell you, that the way I paint, everything on and around me is full of colour, even if I am painting a miniature... so imagine when it´s a big one!
„But Miki, it´s normal... what do you expect, it´s painting!“
Quite funny to explain me what painting is ...
„We will see....“
I was thinking of my freedom, and I exactly knew I had lost it even before I´d recovered it.
He smiled, aware he´d won the skirmish.
„What will it be about?
„Don´t know... must be yellow!“
„Why yellow?“
„Well, I feel like yellow... and a Spanish woman told me that my colours, especially my yellows, make people happy!“
„This is indeed a good reason!“
Yesterday morning, first thing, I took the biggest canvas I had at home and started painting. I spent hours at it and at the end it seemed that the art work was everywhere except on the canvas: my atelier, my clothes, my german boots and my laces (see ) were covered with acrylics!
„Can I see it?“
asked Kevin, quite excited and impatient as he saw how artistic I looked myself..
If looks could kill... He didn´t insist. I think he mentioned it in his diary today...

I dont dare to show you the whole work, but this detail view to the left is quite nice, I guess.... unfortunately it represents about 1% of the whole surface! If I could only apply the mathematical laws of fractals to it!

I often notice that tiny parts of paintings – and not only mine! – are much more beautiful that the whole paintings, a quite interesting but frustrating observation, believe me!
I must ask:
„Why the hell paint the rest?“
but I already know the answer... La Folie des Grandeurs!

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