Friday, 26 January 2007

Valentines: Say it with Goodaboom!

Art Studio, Friday 26th January 2007

So, Audrey has been immortalised and is flying right now in a big cardboard tube to Belgium. I hope she will survive the flight, the weather is awful here, and I guess all along the flight path to Belgium too.
My clients, her grand-parents, were enchanted with the portrait and I hope, Audrey will be too, as it is a gift for her birthday.
We used this portrait for our new feature:
"Goodaboom´s Valentines gift ideas"
created some days ago.

Unfortunately the competition is not sleeping. I just received an advertising mail from Apple:

„Love goes global: This Valentine´s Day, say it with an IPod nano Red“

Love goes global? What does it mean really? That we are entering an era of global love, meaning everyone loving everybody and viceversa? Has it escaped from the Marital home and gone on holiday? Or have we regressed to Haight-Astbury with flowers in our hair? I feel we should be told....
For myself, I think that it means nothing more than an alliteration globalisation fanaticist justifying his pay packet!
But to be honest: whatever it means, it sounds important, nano important and global I would say. But surely not quite as unique as love should be!

Anyway: we were faster than Apple! Nevertherless I guess, they will be more successful than we are, modestly growing Goodaboom as yet not quite so well-known as Apple, and certainly not the subject of lawsuits from The Beatles! Furthermore, the idea of giving a portrait, a flower painting or a personalised song for Valentines has still not pervaded the lovers minds. But no doubt, it will!
It´s just a question of trendsetting and Goodaboom is working hard at it:

(....and you´d better believe it!!!!)

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