Tuesday, 27 February 2007

SOS´ s to the World


I don´t remember if I told you this already: about one week ago I started a French blog, the reason being that I felt quite upset at not being able to express myself in the English language the way I wanted to.
Well, I wasn´t too serious with the French one... I have no time for 2 diaries, and anyway I hate repetition. I just lay a tiny French egg, sometimes, and hope somebody will find it.
I occasionally browse through that French blog platform, and I wonder... you cannot imagine the quantity of people there, above all girls and women, who are sharing their intimate journal with the entire world. And the more depressed they feel, the more they share! This new blogging trend is quite fascinating and tells a lot about human needs. My God: how lonely they all must feel on this earth! You realise it when you go through all these journals... they seem to be a kind of SOS to the whole world... anonymous of course!
I wonder if it is a French phenomenon... but I would almost reckon, that it is more a typical French flirtation with distress than distress itself! The distinguished paleness of existentialism!

Anyway: the national blog platforms are surely the best field of investigation of a national collective soul. If only I were a student of sociology, my God: I would be all teeth!

Kevin´s illustration to this entry: I LOVE IT!

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