Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Sympathy from the Devil?


Planet Goodaboom, Tuesday 13th February 2007

In the case somebody missed me here, just some words to say: I am still alive!

Unfortunately, I can hardly find the time to write. The fact that I have to write in English doesn´t make it any easier for me. And: I know for certain that most of my potential readers are stopped by the language, especially the French and Spanish ones, who are quite unwilling to make an effort even if they master the English language. This a deep problem for me, as it lessens my motivation to write a diary. A vicious circle in English, but perhaps more appropriately in German, a devil´s circle!

And then... I started some more projects last week, too many perhaps, and I am beginning to wonder if it is perhaps too much. It is a problem when your brain is continuously producing ideas, which you feel are worthy of putting into practice. It is impossible for me to make a choice, so I try to realise all of them, and consequently my brain is producing yet more ideas, which are all even more interesting than the original one!
A second devils circle, with a diameter bigger than the first! (the mathematician in me is speaking here...)

And yet more... If we were an old site and had many visitors already, I am sure, they would naturally help me to make the right choice. Goodaboom was born because Kevin & me basically felt the need to share with the world everything we´ve got. But of course, it is very important for us is to give the world what THEY want. And to know that is only possible with feedback: the third devils circle!

So what should I do?
Actually If I may just say: I hate all these devil´s circles! They are one of the main structures ruling our lives, and it is very difficult not to get caught up in them, whatever you do!
There is, I believe, no way to get OUT of them.
Rather, I believe, it is only possible to run the circle in the other direction. I would say: instead of circling in the negative way, one should try to circle in the contrary way, the positive one. In fact a devil´s circle is nothing more than an autocatalytical process, and such a process can be extraordinarily productive. Well, in fact it can lead to a surfeit of production if it is not well controlled, something that will soon happen to me.

However, there is a very natural solution to this problem: the self regulating nature of life! So, in a twist on the Rolling Stones classic, let´s hope for some Sympathy from the Devil!


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