Monday, 12 March 2007

Bye bye Goodaboom!

Planet Goodaboom, Monday 12th March 2007

Just some words between the bags and suitcases, and surely not very original ones... we drive tomorrow to France, then to Germany, not on holidays to be precise, things must be done...
Kevin is quite excited, where ever and why ever we go, he is happy. I guess he just thinks:
„On the road again!“
I normally love to be on the road myself, but well, this time, it is connected to difficult moments. But I will try to make the best of it, and anyway, I will be in the best company, which is surely the most important thing in the world!
We will try to make some entries when we are abroad, but we can´t promise. If not, we´ll see you again in one week... Take care!

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