Saturday, 3 March 2007

God comes through The Wall

Planet Goodaboom, Saturday 3rd March 2007

No, it´s not a painting from me, although I am fascinated by the likeness... it is just a fracture in the wall of a house in Villajoyosa, a small town on the coast 30 km north of Alicante. We were there yesterday, and it´s been about 7 years since I have been there.

The last time, I remember, I was there alone to sketch the old town with the rainbow houses.
A funny story... A young man came to me. He was a seaman by day and a flamenco singer by night. He said he was totally fascinated by my sketches, but somehow I had the feeling –a kind of feminine intuition...- that it was something more earthly which attracted him to me. Anyway... in spite of all my efforts, I could not get rid of him, and although he left me for a short time he returned swiftly with his 5 nephews and nieces, all small children between 3 and 5 years old. Then he insisted that I accompany them to meet his mother and say hello, they had never seen a foreign artist before and it would be a big honour for them if I would enter their house. The 50 children´s fingers were already grasping my arms and legs and dragging me, so I had no chance to say no. I had to cross the whole city with 5 children flapping around me like an insane skirt! I really felt like a big Spanish mamma! And those who know me understand the ridiculousness of the situation: I have always panicked at the thought of becoming a Mother!

Finally we reached the house. The children released me and rushed into the house to tell the good news to the grandmother (I guess they told her that their uncle was bringing his new fiancé, and not some foreign artist!!!) I used an instant of his inattention to escape from my sailor´s net and run away hell for leather. I was really panicked, I could see myself married into the bosom of a big Spanish family without even having time to realise what was going on!
I never came back to Villajoyosa then, out of fear to meet him again!

But yesterday I was not alone there, and I guess Kevin would have effortlessly convinced any seaman and flamenco singer to go away from me, if necessary....
The city had not changed at all. I have never in my life seen a place such as this where life and death are cohabiting in the same spot.
And if I had only 3 words to describe it, I would say:
„colour, chaos and romany“

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