Sunday, 14 October 2007

Kev Video

My Kevin is still fedup, Serious stuff now! The situation here is becoming worse and worse, and the nerves of my oh so delicate Rockstar are shredded.
But to be fair: he has every reason to be. The electricity came back here, but the water went off. There must have been serious damages around Planet Goodaboom in the last few days, as we are without water since yesterday evening. And well, Kevin wanting to have his sunday shave this morning: pfui!
The worst being that My Love and Lord is still in the middle of the third world war, "The Big Bosses Battle" . In short:
"who is the boss, me or my computer?"
And me, as objective observer and proud owner of a subservient Mac, I have the awful feeling, that my Kevin will lose. Look at him on the sketch I made from him today: he looks quite down, doesn´t he, even if he is trying to look cool?
Anyway, he has decided to spend the day watching videos, the most reliable technology he says. But not without having a look in Internet via my Mac and announcing to me:
"Well, England beat France and are now in the final!"
Shit!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to call my parents, big rugby fans and ready for a new world wonder, after France beat the All Blacks last Saturday.. not the moment I guess!

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