Sunday, 28 October 2007

The Mayor is dead...

Some days ago, in fact exactly one week ago, I wrote about the Mayor who got three bullets in his head... well, I forgot to say, that he was not dead. He had been transported to the biggest hospital from the region, put into deep sleep and operated upon. The doctors needed many hours to extract the bullets out of his head. 3 days ago they awoke him from the coma, and soon the mayor was able to breathe by himself. Wonderful doctors!
I just heard that he died. After everybody thought he would recover, he finally died of complications after contracting the flu.
I am extremely sad. Not that I knew him. But I have known his wonderful little town in the mountains for more than 40 years. As a child, when we were on our holidays in Benidorm, in the summer, the water was rare, and when there was some, it was quite polluted. We always drove to Polop to get water from the municipal fountain. Even the better bars, in Benidorm, were advertising:
"Get coffee with water from Polop here!"
And later, as an artist I always went to Polop to paint, again and again. It is simply the most beautiful town around here and the kind of place, which never loses its magic for an artist´s eye..... I was there last year, to make some sketches... the town was full of colours, and full of joy.
Today Polop wears black, and tomorrow too, and the day after tomorrow too...
And they still have no idea, who did it. It seems so easy to kill and get away with it nowadays... I remember having thought that about Madeleine McCann... or is it only in these southern lands?

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Susan said...

So sorry to hear about the mayor. I love your sketch and would like to see the place some time.

The pop-up ad on your site today is for a laptop computer, and there is no way to get it to go away! and it was covering your wonderful sketch! Maybe if you contact Blogger support the technicians can remove it. Even as I type it is blinking away at me. Grrrrr!