Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Empty Pages

My niece visited me again on Saturday evening, her gentle way to help me through Kevin´s absence.. He was gigging in the UK, in a big venue in Brean on the West Coast, everybody attending in 70´s "Glam" fancy dress.
We wanted to have a nice dinner together -she should cook, I can´t!,- and to look at the film about Beatrix Potter. But once again neither of us had any idea that it was a festive day here, -one more!- and all the shops were closed!
So we had the last pizza that I had in the fridge, and instead of Miss Potter, I made NanoO pose for me. I suggested to her she should read, it would be easier for her, and for me. She took a book, I took my sketch pad, and here we are.
After a while only I noticed that she was reading an empty book. I asked
"Do you read an empty book because you can´t read?"
She looked at me with an expression of deep but resigned despair on her face:
"I read empty books because they are the only ones I understand!"
For a girl actually finishing her doctor thesis on Proust, quite worrying I would say....!

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Susan said...

I'm enjoying your figure distortions! I have a hard time doing that - there's this compulsion to try to draw the figure accurately, when it's so impossible to do. Far better to distort and put movement into it.

I watched the Beatrix Potter movie for you. It was so so, but fun to watch her picking up brushes and painting.