Saturday, 20 January 2007

Still captured within the rainbow...

Art Studio, Saturday 20th January 2007

No time to write these last few days... I have been, and still am, very busy painting 3 portraits on commission and preparing exhibitions. Yes, the dream of freedom will long remain a dream, I guess. But to be fair: what a nice jail within the rainbow!
The last portrait commission I got this week confirms the tendency I´d already noticed recently. People begin to prefer portraits in „black&white“, as I call them. By that I mean portraits painted in white and one other colour, black, brown, sanguine, sepia, etc. (like the Tahitian girl).
That last client put clearly into words what others –including myself!- may just feel. She said:
„You make the portraits so well, it´s almost like photography... the black&white are more artistic, somehow....“
I am not sure it is a compliment, concerning the colour portraits... making them „too good“ might indeed be a kind of mistake. One might miss the artistic, personal interpretation.... but well, I won´t worry too much about it, it is always a matter of taste and many people love my colour portraits the way they are.

But personaly, I also prefer the others. I find them indeed more artistic and romantic (and I am a hopeless romantic!).
But in the meanwhile I appear to be developing a style a portrait which seems to keep the „artisticity“ (!) of the black&white without completely abandoning the colours.

A very young lady called „Fleur“ inspired me to such a portrait some weeks ago. I had been commissioned a painting in the technique of the Tahitian girl, but in the creation process I automatically started to put in some warmer colours. I felt that it was necessary to transmit the light and the warmth emanating from Fleur.
Finally it became a portrait in white and 3 tender colours. The result was beautiful, and the clients were very happy. All the people who saw the portrait loved it, and my last client ordered her grand-child in this style.

It is almost finished now, as it was very urgent, my clients are flying home in some days for the birthday of the grandchild.
The portrait is again in a different style. I couldn´t help it, I had to let my inspiration work with the model and the idea I had from her, basing on what the grandparents told me about the girl. I´ll show you this new portrait in one of my next entries... if you deserve it!

As Kevin told it in his last entry, he was gigging and mounting exhibitions near to Moj├ícar (Almeria/Spain) at the beginning of the week. Unfortunately I was not there myself, but I saw some photos of the „Sport for All“ exhibition by Rolys, in Vera/Las Bougainvillas, and I am very happy with how it looks. My paintings are hanging in a nice, big salmon/green room with a warm atmosphere and well-enhanced by the numerous spotlights. Thankyou again to Mark for allowing this exhibition!

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