Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Identity Rape


Art Studio, Tuesday 16th January 2007

„We published www.goodaboom.com on Christmas Eve, announcing it with the innocent arrogance of the youth as
„A New Star is born!“
We thought it could be a promising start and the name would last for thousands of years like the name of another famous guy born on the same date...
Of course we rapidly forwarded the website address to family, friends and clients and they visited the site with enthusiasm. But their numbers are limited, and certainly not enough to achieve our so timid aim: that Planet Goodaboom is spinning around everywhere on the Earth!

The time has come now to enter the SEO competiton. The ones amongst you who take their sites seriously know what I am speaking about:
„The Search Engine Optimisation“.

With Kevin not possessing precisely the kind of eagerness and patience necessary to enter the run, I got the job. On the advice of our webmaster I bought a big clever book promising me an unfair advantage on winning the search engine wars. But fair enough: the book is really fantastic, and I am theoretically learning the very interesting secrets of war, especially concerning keywords. Unfortunately the keywords I had in my mind for THE ENCHANTED ART are used by millions of people around the world, so these keys no longer open any doors! But I found a very promising, secret weapon:the blogs. They actually seem to be „the perfect formula for the ultimate highranking page in Google“
This of course is totally in our interest as our blogs have become- in a natural way as we both enjoy writing- the heart of Goodaboom. So I read how to harness the power of the blogs. Soon I found myself registering our diaries in lots of blog companies controlling millions of other blogs. At first I found the possibility of being connected to the whole blogging earth fascinating, but after a while, I noticed how I seemed to be losing my identity, my uniqueness, and little by little, to become an atom of the Whole, the Whole being a gigantic writing machine in which each atom is trying to win the ranking run. And anyway: I don´t really want my diaries entries to be read and commented upon by any other blogger in the world. They are private. They BELONG to the visitors of Goodaboom, and ONLY them.

So I took a decision: I definitely won´t send my diary to the ranking war! I prefer to trust in fate, which always served me well in life, hoping that it will now serve to help many people find Goodaboom. And If one day you can´t see Planet Goodaboom any more in the Cyberspace, you can be sure that we have won the war and just flied away from the big success!

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