Saturday, 24 February 2007

The Last Magical Mouse

Planet Goodaboom, Saturday 24th February 2007

I just saved Planet Goodaboom´s last magical mouse from the greedy mouth of our local rocker! I am still trembling, thinking that it could have meant the definitive extermination of this wonderful species!
Well, to tell the truth, I was not quite sure that the mouse was really safe. So I took the precaution to paint íts belly with black waterproof colour. And at the same time kind of marking the animal: humans do that on earth with rare animals, don´t they?
How good am I?!
You won´t believe it, but 5 minutes ago i saw Kevin hunting after the poor mouse through the whole Planet, and of course, as he has quite long legs and can still run despite his damaged ankle sustained in London 2 months ago running for a plane after a gig, he finally caught the mouse.
You should have seen his face as his hands were covered in black paint!!!

I wonder how magical mice reproduce, because I would really love to have some more here again. They all had wonderful, vivid colours, and smelt so nice!

By the way: as a requiem you will hear next month one of the –now dead- magical mice singing alone with Kev on his song „Strawberry House“, blissfully unaware of his fate

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Kev said...


That was one tasty mouse! I need to find some more, as I must keep my strength up so my ankle heals quicker...Perhaps we could go into Magical Mouse Farming?