Friday, 23 February 2007

An English Cloud with Bow-Tie

Planet Goodaboom, Friday 23th February 2007

Some days ago, quite frustrated at not being able to express myself in English as I would really love to, I looked for a French Blog Platform, and found quite a nice one. I started a new diary there, and if I have the discipline to go on, I´ll perhaps publish it in Goodaboom, for the French speaking people. I have already been moaned at by my compatriots, who consider it as a serious case of betrayal.
I was browsing through the entries there, and I found the blog of a mother publishing the last drawings of her very young child: a pig with glasses, and a train making a cloud with a bow-tie, „looking like an English gentleman“, the mother commented. English people out there, don´t be offended, i´m sure the woman referred to the bow-tie part of the drawing, not to that of the cloud!

Anyway: as I saw these pictures, I had to leave a comment:
„What a pity that we lose the freedom of our imagination when we grow up!“.
These drawings remind me of a conversation I had with Kevin some days ago. About dreams, and the way how they may be „created“ in the brain.
I think, when we sleep and our brain doesn´t underlay the laws of reasonability and logic it has to follow to be able to survive in „the real world“, it takes a little bit of its inspiration from everywhere in its memory and connects elements in a kind of surrealistic way. Connections which are „prohibited“ in a state of wakefulness.

And so it is in the woken brain of very young children. Everything is still allowed, no rule tells you that a cloud cannot wear a bow-tie, at least not loud enough to impede the imagination to flourish. This could be the reason why these children´s drawings remind me so much of dreams...

99,99 % of people lose that ability when they grow-up, I guess. Only the ones who have a strong enough character to flout the common laws, may keep this ability of wild, unallowed connections in their brain.
I would call this ability: „Creativity“.
In this sense children are surely the most creative creatures in the universe!

PS: I just found that it exists in the weather science a „Bow-Tie Effect“ related to clouds! What a genius

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