Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Oh God, I am pregnant again!

Planet Goodaboom, Wenesday 20th February 2007

As I told you yesterday, I have just finished giving life to the Dutch „twins“. They are still not out of the house because the grandparents –in Holland- decided to make me frame them here in Spain, thinking –probably rightly- that the artist knows better which frame will best match the paintings.

And now, oh God, I am pregnant again!!!!

One could mean I´m too old for all these maternities, but the good thing in art is that you are never too old to give life... and the even better thing is: the children leave your house as soon as they are born and you don´t have to change their pampers or have the responsibility for their education!
Yes... pregnant again. It came quite suddenly overnight. Strangely enough: I spent the night alone! It must be one of those immaculate conceptions... quite logical indeed, as I was born near to Lourdes!

The scanner can already tell: kind of thrilling this time. Two girls and one boy. And don´t ask me how I managed it, but: they don´t even have the same father, at least as far as I know... and not even the same nationality! Must be the miracle of modern technology...

Anyway... dead again the dream of freedom, the foetuses are shouting already. urging to come out, I must work right now!

And speaking about babies: here, an as yet unpublished, (until now) Goodaboom exclusive view of Kev Moore, the biggest baby of all time:

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