Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Planet Goodaboom, Tuesday 26th June 2007

Almost 3 months have passed since my last entry here, what a shame! Kev has been a little bit more vocal than me, but generally one can tell that we have both been deserting this blog platform for a long time. Well, we were travelling a lot -England, France, Spain, look and read our travelogues!-
and the rest of the time I was busy with some portraits on commission
-see one of my last works below, a wedding gift from a Norwegian girl for the wedding couple, a French woman and a Columbian man, a wonderful contrast for me!-
and working out hundreds of sketches from the travels -look at my 3D-exhibition of some sketches from our last trip in the footsteps of Don Quijote-.
And Kevin, well, the gig season started again and he is rocking a lot in the South of Spain, England and Germany.

Anyway, I am back again. I have made some changes to the home page today, kept it much simpler and clearer, the art on one side, the music on the other, hoping that some curious visitors will find their way to what was originally the reason for this site: the meeting between a musician and a painter, and the resulting communal work... which one can still see and hear in the section "Brush with Poetry".

I will try to keep writing regularly until we leave for Scotland in The Boomobile, on the 10th of July, for 10 weeks this time...

Last Sunday we were in the Street gallery again, after more than 2 months absence. A strange but wonderful feeling again, the comments, the compliments, and at the end, the sale, to a couple from Madrid, a watercolour landscape from my fantasy which I loved very much... and unfortunately, I have no photo of it! Curiously, this older Spanish woman had a a very modern taste... I think I mentioned it before, but the Spaniards are changing a lot concerning art. I have been exhibiting in the Street for about 3 years; at the beginning the Spaniards only reacted to "heavy", very classical oil paintings, but more and more they start looking for watercolour and seem to go directly to the most modern and creative, without pausing to experience the trivial, schoolish ones., seemingly skipping a stage of their "taste" evolution! It is always fascinating to see how fast the Spaniards learn, how fast they adapt to all the changes which govern their lives in these extremly cosmopolitan areas.
One year ago, I thought I would never sell a painting to a Spaniard, and now, little by little, they seem to become my best and most enthusiastic clients: what luck that I am living here!

Today Kevin started a promoting action for my portraits by the offices of our insurance company "Liberty", what a wonderful and unusual name for an insurance company! So we thought my star portrait of the young tahitian girl would hang in the right place there... let´s hope she will bring me some new clients!

Marion & Pepe: I wish you much happiness in your new life together in France!

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