Friday, 28 September 2007

Back, with Fringe and Horns!

Planet Goodaboom, Friday 28th September 2007

Yes, that´s me, with my new Scottish look, impossible to miss with my wild fringy hair and my sharp devilish horns, just back from one of the northerly world ends, specifically the Butt of Lewis in the Western Isles of Scotland!
Again 3 months have passed since my last entry here, not such a shame this time as we have been travelling 10 weeks in our wheeled box through remote lands, most of the time without any internet or phone connection. It might sound egotistical, just to disconnect like that for such a long time -and our families don´t miss one occasion to blame us...-, but to tell the truth, what a relief, and what a sensation of freedom!!!!
We had been thinking to put mobile internet in our Boomobile, but it seems that it will be for another time... we can always argue that it is still too expensive, and still not a reliable technology...
But of course it would have been nicer, to put our travel tale with photos and sketches gradually online, and surely much more interesting for our readers. We have just started now to put our travel tale, "10 weeks in a box" online and we can just hope it won´t have for you the taste of cold coffee! You´ll find there Kevin´s daily reports and photos and sketches from me of all the places we have been. I made only ink sketches on the site, without colours, because everything was grey, due to the incessant rain falls. I´am colouring the sketches now, at home, with pastel chalk and with the memory of how colourful it could have been.... or not! In fact, just putting down the colours I fancy, and never mind the truth !!!!

All these sketches have been made from inside the Box. In our travel I could never venture outside to draw or paint. Much too wet and much too cold. Luckily our Box has many windows and Kevin always parked it in such a way that I had a 360 ° panorama view. Thanks so much to him by the way, for his patience and his ability to manoeuvre the Boomobile, very difficult most of the time as I always insisted to go to the most isolated and least "roady" parts of the countries!
I also painted some watercolour sketches, more or less inspired -and more less than more!- by the views outside. I´ll present them gradually in my Carnets de Voyage, just need to polish them a little bit to make them presentable, and to digitalise them. Quite a lot of work!

I hope you will enjoy with us our 10 Weeks in a Box!

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