Friday, 12 October 2007

Kev Guevara...

I guess you will read it somewhere else: it is raining ropes (direct French translation) and thundering on Planet Goodaboom since last night. I´m normally not so unfond of rain, always succeeding in finding in it a certain romantic component, at least in the sounds it makes on the roof... well, and the melancholy it awakes, this is romantic too! But enough is enough, we have spent the whole summer under the rain in the United Kingdom!
Kevin, according to his weather affected disorder, is fedup, totally fedup. I hear him moaning all the time, in the background but still louder than the thunder. He was trying to write his new novel, but he was disturbed all the time, by phone calls, and perhaps by me too, and when at last we left him alone, the electricity started collapsing all the time. At the moment it is quite stable, but Kevin has lost his famous patience and decided to write an outraged essay about the weather in Spain. I thought I shouldn´t miss the opportunity to show the public how he looks like when he is fedup, him from whom the whole world says:
"He is The Nice Guy of Rock"
He is indeed, but when it comes to weather, he is unforgiving!
Anyway, I made a fast ink sketch of him, coloured it, and look, here he is, in the worst mood you could ever see him. I cannot help to find a certain similarity to Che Guevara, today...

By the way: do you know what is going on in his head while I am tenderly massaging his back?
Have a look to his Ashes on the Wind!


Susan Cornelis said...

Well, I feel like I could just keep reading all afternoon if I had the time - it's much better than TV! I find myself wanting to know why you are so isolated in Spain now rather than living somewhere you would like better. Also grouchy partners I know about, though our rainy weather is just starting now (after months of extravagently gorgeous weather). Soon we will be worrying about power outages too. I definitely get the picture with Kev Guevara.

Miki said...

Just found your comment, Susan! My entries about Kevin moaning are very tongue in cheek, as he is really a dream partner; He just hates rain, the reason why he moved from England to Spain, but in the meanwhile it seems to rain more here than in England!
Why still in Spain? I lived in some different countries, and Spain was always my dream since I had been there as a child... as I finally reached my dream country, I realised that it had changed a lot.
So now what? Where is the next dream country to live? Do YOU have an answer?