Sunday, 21 October 2007

Me, rushing back from Benidorm yesterday night, where I looked at the final of the Rubgy World Cup with my parents. If you want to see the beautiful gift I got from my mother there, have a look at Rug Mug,
I know, our Smartie looks much better in reality than on my painting, but well, cars are not my speciality. I´ll work on it, I promise.
I rushed because the night before, in a small town called "Polop de la Marina", five kilometers away from here, the Mayor has been shot through the open window of his car as he arrived home, 3 bullets in the head. This is the kind of things from which one always thinks, they happen somewhere else. As I was driving home late in the night, I just imagined a sniper waiting for me at my home... awful! I´m normally not such a "poule mouillĂ©e" (a wet hen, as we call fearful people in France!), quite the contrary. But somehow yesterday I felt very uncomfortable and when I arrived home, I looked more than one time around before I went out of the car!
And as you see: I´m still alive!


Kev Moore said...

I'm glad you made it back safely Miki...I was a bit worried with you being in Smartie, because the canvas top is definitely not bullet-proof.
And now I'm back too, so we can repel any snipers together! I dont agree that smartie looks better in real life, he looks just as cool in the painting, with his lights blazing!


Susan Cornelis said...

I'm sure you move much too fast to get caught anyway! I love your night sky scene and since I don't know what a SMartie is, yours looks perfect.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful picture!
My husband is a painter here in Morocco though he is originally from the US. Me from England.
Your life in Spain sounds fascinating!