Saturday, 20 October 2007

To Be!

This is my answer, today, to yesterday´s question!
I woke up in a better mood, well at the end yesterday was a very positive day, I just missed Kevin and didn´t feel human any more! This is the problem when one loves too much... one doesn´t exist anymore when one is apart!
I know, I am a little bit excessive, but please, bear with me!

And as you can see, I am back to work today... I feel definitively bigger than yesterday -oh God, I felt so small !- still a little bit pale and quite distorsed in the face, the head still hidden behind a book, but not so much and at least it is a sketch book today!
Even drinking my milk coffee out of my M Cup, a sign that I am on the best way back to my human identity!
Just Mousy, our neighbour, a friendly rosa mouse who cares for me when Kevin is away, still looks quite worried up to me... I guess she doesn´t trust the nonchalance which I exhibit in my chair... she is not daft, I would say!!!

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