Sunday, 7 October 2007

Vive le Petit Prince!

(Le Mouton du petit Prince, by Miki...)

I have discovered today that I can put a lot of private information on my blog profile, such as my favourite movies, music, books, etc... I normally don´t´like to lock up my interests in such "drawers", but the drawers here are bottomless, and this is much more comfortable for me!
Each movie, music or book you write in your profile is a link which, when pressed, gives you a list of all the profiles who also chose it. And of course when you enter these profiles, the same happens again, they are full of links to lists of people who love some special book, music or movie. Well done, really, because in fact I think that the books and movies one loves say a lot about oneself, perhaps even more than the blog entries themselves!

The result was amazing. I listed "Le petit prince", as my favourite book. Indeed it is, without any competition. I already read it in French, Spanish, English, German and even Russian, just because it gave me the opportunity to read it again and again, just "slightly differently", giving me the wonderful feeling I have more than one favourite book! Interesting too to notice the translation differences, but well, this is another matter. I was amazed to see that 2600 people had elected this book as one of their favourite books! I couldn´t believe itI I browsed a while through their profiles, all people from very different countries, ages, professions, males, females...
I wonder... I have no idea how many members we have here, but considering the quantity of books there is in the world, I guess this qualifies as a very good result. It would interest me, by the way, which are the 10 favourites here... Somebody knows? Or knows how to find it out? I have the strange feeling the people here like much "deeper" books than the ones which are in the bestseller lists of the world... Anyway, I wonder, as I said... I would mean the world would be a better world with so many little prince fans. I believe one must have a very tender heart and soul to understand and love this book.. although, perversely, I read once that St Exupery was not the tenderest man in the world, especially to his wife!!!

So where are they all these tender, deep people... only in the Cyberspace?

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