Saturday, 6 October 2007

A Rock Star in the Night...

Kevin furtively leaving the house this morning, at 5h30...
Trying to escape I guess...
from the Fan-atics... ?
or from his most engaged Fan, me? Yes, from me I guess.
No chance, Brother: Big Sister is watching you, always!
16h42... sounds like "24"!
The Rock Star apparently left the country. I just got a text from him:
"... just had to text you from here, I have one hour in Göttingen..."

Such a strange feeling for me to imagine Kevin in Göttingen Railway station. I have been there so many times myself! I spent about 15 years in Göttingen, the first ones very happy, as I was studying maths & physics at the University there. And then... then I managed to meet the wrong man and it was hell!
Anyway I liked Göttingen very much and I often took the train there to travel abroad. I want to go back there, one day, with Kevin, THE RIGHT MAN, in the footsteps of my lucky past... Probably on the way up to Norway, perhaps next year, in our Boomobile.

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