Sunday, 4 November 2007

A girly evening with Champagne

Yesterday morning Kevin drove to Valencia, to catch a plane to Germany, Lübeck, where he had a BC Sweet gig in the night. Before I met him, I didn´t really know how it is to fear for somebody when he is on the road, or in the air! Well, now, I know, and I can tell you; it is AWFUL! I can´t help thinking, everytime, that it could be the last time ...

Knowing of my pain, my beloved niece NanoO came to visit me in the evening, bringing a bottle of Cava (kind of Spanish Champagne) and a ready to cook pizza. Funny, with the Cava....
"Maset et Carpon",
was the name, obviously based on one of the famoust French Champagne called:
"Moet et Chandon"
hoping to catch some tourist or uneducated native... Knowing the French and their pride, I guess they would be gravely offended if they knew!

But my niece and me, both French, are quite relaxed with such things and just enjoyed the stuff and its tiny bubbles!
We had a lovely evening together, laughing a lot, and she was kind enough to pose for me for some fast sketches...
That girl is a beauty, as you can see, but don´t think twice: she is already taken!

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