Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Toro, Arte, Alegria and B.S. Wattenbuttel...

It seems to be done now, I will have in 2009 and 2010 a bullfight paintings calendar printed and published in 7 countries from Eastern Europe and Germany... and, what is very important for me, I have established a kind, respectful and fair contact to the publisher company. I have worked myself in industry in Germany, and I know how difficult it is sometimes, due to the competition in the market place, to keep fair and kind... so happy to see that it still exists!

And yesterday I made an appointment for a visit to my art studio from a Scandinavian art lover group, called "Arte y Alegria". Three of them came to me, loved the Studio and my paintings, and I guess we will have some nice hours together when they all come at the end of the month. We might even organise something for them, with music, and spoken poetry... Kevin has such a fantastic voice!

By the way:Kevin wrote a new funny poem yesterday, B.S. Wattenbuttel, illustrated with the following picture, which I adore!

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