Friday, 5 October 2007

Fashion Show on Planet Goodaboom

I have just assisted, as judge and adviser, to a fashion show... Kev Moore, taking vestementary decisions for the gig in Germany Saturday evening... crazier and more colourful than ever, yes, let us rock and roll!
I used the opportunity to shoot some photos of him, almost against his will, because you know, "his hair was not done", and anyway he was not in a photo session mood!!!! What a prima donna, my Kevin, isn´t he? Well, I assured him that I needed the photos just for my private use, and anyway, I never see him on stage in this crazy outfit, so at least I could look at the photos while he is gigging... me the poor lonely bird!
If he knew now that I would publish them...

By the way: as you can see, he is still alive, The Heretic!!! The religious fanatics still haven´t reached Planet Goodaboom, I guess their space ships are technically not up to scratch, having still not tried to convert the extraterrestrials...

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