Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Heretic´s Song

I am worried, deeply worried... what will they do to my Kevin, all these religious fanatics which he attacks, not very delicately, in his new song, just put online today? Highly explosive stuff, I would say... If you dare, if you don´t fear to be executed as a collaborator, judge for yourself by pressing here!

I remember exactly how it started, about one year ago, I went with Kevin for the first time to my native city, Tarbes, in the French Pyrenees. Of course I had to show him Lourdes, exactly knowing that he would find great religious inspiration there as he never misses an occasion to let us know what he thinks of religion.... And, of course he didn´t miss that fabulous occasion!!! (you can read the travel report in our Travelogue, under 2006)
As soon as we were back in my parents´s home, he started writing that song, playing and singing it for me so loud one could think that he wanted God to hear it! Whether God heard it, I don´t know, but for sure the 85 years old catholic priest living right beneath my parents did! I just guess he couldn´t understand the lyrics, because I think he would have had a heart attack! As far as I know, he is still alive, God bless him!

Anyway... I am scared. He is not. He is waiting for his executioners with deep pleasure and talons bared... Good that nobody knows what Goodaboom is!!!

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